EZCURRA is a company with a clearly defined goal: to produce a race of locks will be placed on the market at the forefront of quality, design and safety. More


Colombo Policy is to produce articles of high standard design for the modern habitat, articles that are easily adaptable and that are accessible to the majority of potential clients. The company’s initial activity revolved around the production of handles for doors and windows. More

It was 1850 when Enrico Cassina, a young Milanese artisan and expert in bronze work, decided to open his own workshop. Until that time artisans and blacksmiths had created brass handles and furniture fittings individually by hand as requested by their customers. Enrico Cassina believed that by using carefully crafted moulds and expert finishes he could create highly sophisticated designs more efficiently.  More.

We pledge to join our customers in recent decades and along with our line, we have our website renewed always thinking of facilitate to you, your job to identify the time of the articles and finishes. she will find different styles ranges with own designs and always with the quality that defined and we unlike other similar products. we use top quality materials, machining processes with latest generation equipment, electrolytic bath with precious metals to 100% per hundred and proven with resistance to use daily. Only add is our commitment to give the best service and daily care. Therefore we can assure them that if we still trust will continue working hard to keep our brand in the privileged location we are internationally. More 

 Innovation, security, design and service have always been the cornerstones of the CISA brand and its solutions for hotels and other communities. Established in 1926, CISA was the first company to patent and manufacture electric locks and one of the pioneers of smart card technology in the ‘90s, developed to ensure cloned cards are denied access and to offer an alternative to the increasingly outdated magnetic technology.More.

FADEX produces more than 100 different models of door handles mainly for wooden doors, as well as a significant variety of brass bolts, hinges, knobs and pull-handles from traditional to modern style, for any specific request. Our products range is never static but always dynamic, with regular improvements and with new projects constantly ahead, keeping a special attention to our clients' requests. More

The Greek Industrial Company Limited (SA) acquired the name CONVEX  was founded in 1991 by Panagiotis PANTAZELOS who operates in the hardware sector since 1973.In 2003 the company moved to privately owned facilities 6500 m2 . In this functional and modern equipped space, was transferred the production unit of CONVEX, showroom, storage and handling. CONVEX is a vertically integrated unit and all phases of production conducted within its own facilities. The main object of action is the design, production and marketing of its products. More.

“Thinking Metal " is a philosophy that guides Valenti in shaping ideas into quality products that are useful and attractive. If you are looking for pull handles, door handles or knobs for glass or wooden doors, banisters, handrails or decorative curtain finishes, Valenti can customize a variety of styles and finishes. At Valenti we believe that useful products can be made beautiful to compliment your space and style. More